Quadcopter Reely 450 In review

February 15, 2013
Quadrocopter Reely 450 In review

Quadrocopter Reely 450 In review

The Quadcopter Reely 450 ARF is not only visually very interesting, but also promises unlimited flight pass. However, one needs this model certainly also some knowledge in order to keep the quadcopter in the air. With practice, however, succeed with the Quadcopter 450 ARF Reely daredevil maneuvers and steep turns. In our test, he was able to convince, but unfortunately made ‚Äč‚Äčthemselves felt even a few weak points that can cloud the flight pass quickly.

Powering the Quadcopter Reely 450 ARF by four brushless motors and modern electronics, whose centerpiece is a powerful Atmel processor. By inserting a jumper, users from beginner mode switch to Sport mode. Despite these adjustments, the quadcopter is Reely 450 ARF for advanced users only. Who, however, without prior knowledge zoom dares to this model, you should plan some training time and make step by step with user training. However, you should be among the first attempts to fly a little caution. A weak point in this respect is the frame that can easily break at daredevil maneuvers. In this case, however, their spare parts are ordered. So you always have control over the Quadcopter Reely 450 ARF reserves, then you must install the red fin. Based on this you can see the attitude and can control the quadcopter accordingly.

Because the Quadcopter 450 ARF has a very low weight and high thrust, for example, cameras can be attached to a weight of 500 grams. Thus, even aerial photographs are taken from the air. Through the optional LED lighting it is even possible to assign up to Quadcopter at night. The flight time of Reely 450 ARF depends on the particular battery power. If one uses a powerful 2500 mAh battery, the quadcopter stays up to 15 minutes in the air. With a battery with a capacity of 3300 mAh is the flight even more than 20 minutes. Must Quadcopter 450 ARF Reely still carry a load, the flight time is reduced to about 10 minutes.

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